AMIRKAL riflesso Igp Marche Rosso

Grapes: Lacrima di Morro (90%), other grapes with red berry

"AMIRKAL riflesso" is an alternative interpretation of Lacrima di Morro d'Alba

The Lacrima in its classical sense is a wine with interesting primary vertical perfumes. Very intense and usually of medium complexity (primary and secondary floral and fruity awards).

In "AMIRKAL riflesso" to the olfactory characteristics of the grape will add odorous tertiary sensations favored by a good structure and a proper refinement

Furthermore, the blending with other vines (10%) complete a range of terpene range odorous that is very fine.

Thanks to a rigorous selection of grapes and to a pre-fermentation drain that is nearly 30% of total, it aims to boost the softness of the wine, making it pleasant to the taste.

We like to recall that, as our other products, "AMIRKAL riflesso" is a real wine, artisan made with hands: the harvest, like all the work in the vineyard, are done by hand, the grapes are never mobilized through pumps, the wine is not filtered and does not undergo thermal stabilization.


- AMIRKAL riflesso 2007 Prize QUALITY/PRICE "Bere bene Low Cost 2010" Gambero Rosso.